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Established in 1995, Ningbo Zhenhai Silver-Ball Bearing Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of high precision bearing with our registered brand of NZSB.After 20 years’ development,NZSB has become one of the largest bearing manufacturers in terms of the highest quality and scale in China.NZSB bearings are widely used in air-conditioner motors,vacuum cleaner motor,various household appliance,automobile,low noise motors, electric tools,industrial motors,telecommunication devices,textile industry etc. The annual capacity is more than 400 million sets.NZSB has two manufactu rring facilities in Ningbo, one in Anhui and seven domestic sales offices,one exporting office and one R&D center.NZSB bearings exported to more than 100 countries and regions including Europe,USA, Australia,Middle East,East Asia etc. NZSB committed to utilizing the advanced manufacturer technologies to produce the highest quality bearings needed for our customers.Our manuf acturing facilities that are carefully monitored utilizing in-line statistical process controls and complying with ISO9001:2008 and TS16949:2009 standard.The precision and life of NZSB bearing is greatly improved.NZSB is ISO14001:2004 certified and all the material NZSB use are complying with European Union RoHS requirement,dedicating in protecting natural resources and lightening environmental burden.NZSB bearings become to the preferred products to replace import one on the domestic market.

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Company History

Established in 1995, Ningbo Zhenhai Silver-Ball Bearing Co., Ltd is a private enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of high-precision series ball bearings.


In September 1995:company’s predecessor, Silver-Ball Bearing Factory was established; the nature of the company is private


In October 1995: it became the first domestic company that successfully developed high-speed bearings for vacuum cleaners


In November 1999:It obtained ISO9001:1994 quality certification system


In March 2000:the company name was changed to Ningbo Zhenhai Silver-Ball Bearing Co., Ltd.


In May 2001:Silver-Ball Bearing passed the EIR of the relocation project construction project


In May 2003:it was rated as “Zhejiang Bearing Industry Quality Product and Honest Enterprise” by Zhejiang Industrial Bearing Association


In November 2004:it passed the EIR of the plant expansion project


In December 2004:founded Ningbo Silver-Ball Small Bearing Co., Ltd.


In August 2006:it passed the ISO1400:2004 environmental management system certification


In September 2006:“NZSB” trademark was rated as a well-known trademark in Ningbo


In January 2007:it passed TS16949:2002 certification


In May 2008:was named "Zhejiang Green Enterprise"


In January 2009:it passed the EIR of the current situation assessment of the Silver-Ball Bearing construction project


In March 2009:it was approved as "Zhejiang Integrity Enterprise"


In July 2009:developed bearings for spinning machine and entered the textile industry


In September 2009:it became a strategic partner of Panasonic Automotive Motor Business


In August 2010:Anhui Silver-Ball Bearing Co., Ltd. was established


In February 2012:Bearings of “NZSB” were rated as Ningbo famous brand products


In February 2012:

it was rated as a three-level safety standardization enterprise


In August 2012:the registered capital of Anhui Silver-Ball Bearing Co., Ltd. increased to 15 million


In November 2012:it was recognized as "Ningbo Science and Technology Enterprise"


In December 2012:it was recognized as "Ningbo Credit Management Demonstration Unit"


In October 2013:it was awarded the honorable title of "national high-tech enterprise"


In December 2013:it established Ningbo Engineering Technology Center


In February 2014:“NZSB” became a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province


In October 2015:Set up a provincial bearing R&D center


In January 2017:it was rated as an advanced unit of public security in Ningbo


In May 2017:signed a strategic partnership agreement with Nidec, the world's number one motor manufacturer, and became a strategic priority supplier


In February 2018:The EIR of the annual production of 30 million sets of automobile brake bearings production technology transformation project of Silver-Ball Bearing passed


In November 2018:the EIR of the technical transformation project of annual production of 50 million sets of silent bearing production line of was submitted and approved

Why choose us

The enterprise has a total of 70 patents, including 4 patents for invention, 64 utility patents, and 2 design patents.

  • Customization

    Silver-Ball Bearing puts a special emphasis on the understanding of customer requirements and applications, and adopts targeted optimization design according to customer requirements in the early product design.

  • Cost

    Silver-Ball Bearing has an annual manufacturing capacity of 1 billion sets, and large-scale manufacturing can bring considerable cost effects.

  • Quality

    Strict raw material control, high-standard internal control system and process requirements enable Silver-Ball Bearing’s products to meet multiple technical requirements such as long life, low noise, sealing, high temperature and high speed, and low starting torque, therefore, the enterprise has a very comprehensive mature solution and experience in the bearing application field.

  • Diversity

    Silver-Ball Bearing can provide customers with the development and production of non-standardized products of different sizes, different application scenarios, and different materials.

  • Service

    Silver-Ball Bearing can provide domestic and foreign customers with high-quality and efficient services, including pre-sale consultation, product design, after-sales service, etc.

  • Transportation

    Silver-Ball Bearing is located in Ningbo, a port city in the Yangtze River Delta, with convenient sea, land and air transportation.

Our honour

The enterprise has a total of 70 patents, including 4 patents for invention, 64 utility patents, and 2 design patents.

Our network

Japan, Germany, Italy, Poland, Turkey, the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea, India

Our partner

Based on quality and credibility, we will continue to innovate and develop steadily, vary according to demand, pursue of excellence and build core competitiveness.