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Any enterprise in order to gain and maintain a  position in the industry, the important thing is to determine its mission and know the direction of the enterprise. It is also important that the employees of the company recognize the same basic values, and they work hard under the same motivation, constantly improve their skills, and serve customers better and more efficiently.

In order to fulfill our responsibilities, we have established the company's vision, mission, strategy and core values. These are the essence of our culture, that is, it summarizes our character and the values we represent.

Every employee of Silver-Ball Bearing is bound by it and takes practical actions to carry it forward.

Our mission: to provide industrial products and services close to customer needs; to establish a position in the industry, maintain our own profit growth, meet customer needs, improve staff quality and achieve optimization at all levels.

Strategic direction: based on quality and credibility, we will continue to innovate and develop steadily, vary according to demand, pursue of excellence and build core competitiveness.